Taking a sacred journey – A pilgrimage trip is only one of the many yet the most preferred way of redemption. Hindus can embark on an arduous journey to holy places like Vaishno Devi, Amarnath and Chardham or they can perform various rituals at temples where God is believed to have manifested Himself as Jyotirlingas, Shaktipeeths, etc. Sikhs can choose among the different Gurdwaras set up by their Gurus, beginning with Guru Nanak just as the Christians can find a Church that serves their spiritual and religious needs. Jain Tirthankars on the other hand have left enough of worshiping sanctities where peace is sought after by followers of Jainism, like the monasteries, gompas and stupas stand proud to guide those who seek to be guided by the preaching and teachings of Buddhism. 

Nothing happens without cause and pilgrimage trips in India only strengthens the faith in life, humanity and God. Take one Pilgrimage today with GoChill Trips to acknowledge the fact yourself!

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Kedarnath and Badrinath are two important pilgrimage destinations located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Both these places are considered sacred by Hindus and attract...
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