Epic Spiti Valley Short Circuit 2023

9 Days

Ex- Nagpur/ Mumbai: 8N 9D

Spiti Valley is a high-altitude desert region located in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Here is some essential information about Spiti Valley short circuit:

Location: Spiti Valley is situated in the Himalayas, bordered by Tibet to the east. It is a part of the Lahaul and Spiti districts of Himachal Pradesh.

Altitude: The average altitude of the Spiti Valley short circuit is around 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) above sea level. It is known for its high-altitude terrain, making it a challenging but rewarding destination for travelers.

Weather: Spiti Valley short circuit experiences extreme weather conditions. Winters (November to March) are harsh and characterized by heavy snowfall, while summers (April to October) are relatively mild with cool temperatures during the day and cold nights. Monsoon season (July to August) brings some rainfall to the region.

Accessibility: Spiti Valley short circuit is accessible by road, and the journey can be made from two main routes: one via Manali and the other via Shimla. The roads are often challenging and require experienced drivers due to steep ascents, hairpin bends, and narrow stretches.

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spiti valley short circuit

Spiti Valley Short Tour is a spellbinding destination nestled in the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, India. Known as the “Middle Land,” it captivates visitors with its untouched beauty, ancient monasteries, and rugged landscapes.

Enveloped by towering snow-capped peaks, Spiti Valley Short Circuit offers a surreal experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. The region boasts a unique blend of barren deserts, emerald-green meadows, turquoise rivers, and picturesque villages, making it a paradise for photographers and nature lovers.

The valley is renowned for its ancient monasteries, such as Key Monastery, Dhankar Monastery, and Tabo Monastery. These spiritual havens not only hold immense religious significance but also house precious artifacts, vibrant murals, and centuries-old scriptures.

Embark on a captivating Spiti Valley short circuit, immersing yourself in a world of rugged beauty. Marvel at towering Himalayan peaks, visit ancient monasteries perched on hilltops and soak in the tranquility of pristine landscapes. Experience thrilling adventures like trekking and jeep safaris, as you traverse through remote villages and encounter the warm hospitality of the locals. A short tour that leaves a lasting impression, Spiti Valley will enchant you with its untouched charm and breathtaking vistas.

Spiti Valley Short Circuit also provides ample opportunities for adventure. Trekking enthusiasts can embark on thrilling trails like the Pin Parvati Pass and the Spiti to Ladakh route, while mountaineers can challenge themselves with peaks like Kanamo and Leo Partial. Jeep safaris take travelers through rugged terrains, crossing high-altitude mountain passes and offering breathtaking views at every turn.

The locals, predominantly Tibetan Buddhists, welcome the visitors with warmth and hospitality. Immersing oneself in the local culture and traditions is a remarkable experience, with opportunities to savor authentic Tibetan cuisine, participate in festivals, and learn about ancient traditions.

Whether it’s witnessing a sky full of stars in the remote villages, crossing hairpin bends on winding roads, or meditating in the serene monasteries, Spiti Valley promises an unforgettable journey that connects travelers with nature, spirituality, and their inner selves. It is a destination that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who venture into its awe-inspiring landscapes.

Throughout your tour, be prepared to witness awe-inspiring landscapes, encounter friendly locals, and engage in thrilling adventures. The Spiti Valley will leave you with lifelong memories of its rugged beauty and spiritual aura.

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Spiti Valley is a stunning high-altitude desert mountain valley located in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Nestled in the Himalayas, it is a remote and picturesque region characterized by its rugged landscapes, ancient monasteries, and unique Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Here’s an overview of the key aspects of Spiti Valley:

Geography and Location: Spiti Valley lies between the Himalayas and the Trans-Himalayas, at an average altitude of around 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) above sea level. It is surrounded by towering snow-capped peaks, barren hills, and deep gorges. The valley is cut off from the rest of the country for a major part of the year due to heavy snowfall, making it a relatively untouched and pristine destination.

Natural Beauty: The landscape of Spiti Valley is breathtaking, with vast stretches of barren mountains, vast meadows, and dramatic cliffs. The Spiti River flows through the valley, adding to its scenic charm. Visitors can witness stunning vistas, including the iconic Key Monastery perched atop a hill, pristine lakes like Chandratal and Dhankar Lake, and the striking Pin Valley National Park, known for its diverse flora and fauna.

Tibetan Buddhist Culture: Spiti Valley is deeply influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and is home to numerous ancient monasteries. The region is dotted with centuries-old monastic complexes, such as Key Monastery, Dhankar Monastery, Tabo Monastery, and Lhalung Monastery. These monasteries are not only religious centers but also repositories of ancient art, scriptures, and cultural heritage.

Adventure and Trekking: Spiti Valley offers ample opportunities for adventure enthusiasts and trekkers. The rugged terrain, high passes, and challenging trails attract adventurers from around the world. Popular treks in the region include the Spiti Valley Trek, Pin Parvati Pass Trek, Chandratal Lake Trek, and the famous trek to the picturesque village of Langza.

Local Lifestyle and Hospitality: The inhabitants of Spiti Valley, mainly of Tibetan origin, lead a traditional agrarian lifestyle and are known for their warm hospitality. The villages in the valley, such as Kaza, Tabo, and Kibber, offer a glimpse into the local way of life. Homestays are a popular choice for visitors, providing an opportunity to experience the local culture firsthand.

Challenging Road Conditions: Accessing Spiti Valley can be an adventure in itself due to its remote location and challenging road conditions. The journey usually involves navigating through narrow roads, steep inclines, and treacherous mountain passes, such as Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass. The most common route to reach Spiti Valley is from Shimla via Kinnaur or from Manali via Rohtang Pass.

Spiti Valley is a destination that captivates travelers with its raw beauty, spiritual ambiance, and sense of isolation. It offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in nature, explore ancient monasteries, engage with the local culture, and embark on thrilling adventures.


  • * Breathtaking Landscapes: Spiti Valley offers breathtaking landscapes with a mix of barren mountains, deep valleys, and vast expanses of high-altitude desert. The rugged terrain, snow-capped peaks, and pristine lakes create a picturesque setting that is a delight for nature lovers and photographers.
  • * Ancient Buddhist Monasteries: Spiti Valley is dotted with ancient Buddhist monasteries that are of great spiritual and cultural significance. Key Monastery, Tabo Monastery, Dhankar Monastery, and Lhalung Monastery are among the notable ones. These monasteries showcase beautiful artwork, ancient scriptures, and provide a serene atmosphere for meditation and spiritual exploration.
  • * Chandratal Lake: Located at an altitude of about 4,300 meters (14,100 feet), Chandratal Lake is one of the most enchanting attractions in Spiti Valley. The crescent-shaped lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and offers a mesmerizing view. Camping near the lake is a popular activity, allowing visitors to witness the tranquil beauty of the surroundings.
  • * Pin Valley National Park: Spiti Valley is home to Pin Valley National Park, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The park is known for its diverse flora and fauna, including rare species like the snow leopard, Siberian ibex, Himalayan blue sheep, and several species of birds. Trekking and wildlife spotting in the park are popular activities.
  • * High-Altitude Villages: Spiti Valley is dotted with charming high-altitude villages that provide an insight into the local way of life. Kaza, the largest town in Spiti Valley, Langza, Kibber, and Hikkim are some of the picturesque villages worth exploring. These villages are known for their traditional houses, terraced fields, and warm hospitality of the local people.
  • * Adventure Activities: Spiti Valley offers various adventure activities for thrill-seekers. Trekking routes like the Pin Parvati Pass, Parang La Pass, and Hampta Pass attract avid trekkers. Mountain biking, motorbiking, and camping in the wilderness are also popular activities in the region.
  • * Cultural Experiences: The Tibetan Buddhist culture is deeply rooted in Spiti Valley, and visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture. Witnessing religious festivals, participating in meditation sessions, interacting with monks, and exploring local cuisine are some of the cultural experiences available in Spiti Valley.


Reach Nagpur Station at 8:30 PM
Board a train at 9:10 PM - 12625 Kerala
Express as Per Seat
Overnight Train Journey To Delhi
Happy Journey!!!

Reach Delhi Station by 1:30 PM
Take Freshen-Up at Executive Lounge at New
Delhi Station
Board an AC Bus at 8:00 PM from RK Ashram
Overnight Bus Journey To Manali

Reach Manali by Morning 9:30 AM & Early
Check-In at Hotel as per the availability.
Have B'fast & Fresh-up Before Exploring Local
Manali: Hidimba, Vashisht, Mall Road, etc.
Overnight Stay and Dinner at Hotel.

Early Morning B'fast & Departure for
Chandratal Lake Excursion via Atal Tunnel
Trek to Chandratal Lake of 2.5 km and Back.
Check-In at Chandratal Camps/Losar
Homestay and Dinner at Camps/Homestay

Early Morning B'fast & Depart for Most Iconic
Sights of Spiti Valley: Kibber, Chicham
Bridge, Key Monastery, Langza Stupa, Hikkim
Post Office, Komic Restaurant, Kaza Market.
Check-In and Dinner at Homestay at Kaza

Early Morning B'fast & Depart to visit Oldest
Monastery at Tabo, Spot the Monk Caves, etc.
Later visit Dhankar Village and Optional Trek
to Dhankar Lake. Visit Dhankar Monastery.
Back to Kaza and Dinner at Homestay at Kaza

Early Morning B'fast & Start return journey to
Delhi via Rangrik & Manali
Drop at Volvo Bus Parking to Board an AC
Bus for Return Journey
Overnight Journey to Delhi

Reach Delhi by morning 9:30 AM
Daytime is free for leisure on your own.
Board a Train 20806 - AP EXPRESS at 7:30 PM
or 12626 - KERALA EXPRESS at 8:30 PM
Overnight Train Journey To Nagpur

Reach Nagpur in the afternoon by 1:30 PM
Your Spiti Valley Adventure comes to an end
with lifetime memories & thrilling experiences.
See you again on Next Adventure...
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  • - SL Return Train Tickets
  • - Delhi-Manali-Delhi AC Bus
  • - Tempo/SUV for Sightseen
  • - 4 Stay in Hotel/C/Homestay
  • - 5 B'fast & 4 Dinner as per
  • Hotel/Homestay Plan (Fix)
  • - 24×7 Assistance
  • - Trip Manager in Tempo Only
  • - Oxygen Cans in Emergency


  • - Air Fare/Higher Class Train
  • - Lunch or Extra Meal other
  • than mentioned in Inclusions
  • - Extra Food Items ordered at
  • Stay other than Hotel Plan
  • - Cost of change in Itinerary
  • due to Natural Calamities
  • - Any Personal Expenses
  • - Anything not mentioned


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Stay Details

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Retreat/Di Villa/Similar
C – Chandratal Camps or L – Ibex Homestay/Similar
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/Sonam 7 Pines Homestay/Similar

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anyone is found doing so then his/her trip shall be terminated there itself.
Rooms will be on a triple/quad sharing basis who have opted for triple as
SPITI is a remote area where there are fewer no. of stays available which
has 5-6 rooms in it which makes it difficult for us to arrange more rooms.
Sharing in Chandratal Camps will be allotted on a QUAD/PENTA basis only.
In the case when stays are not available at Chandratal camps then we
explore Chandratal Lake and stay will be provided at Losar in Spiti Valley.
Nobody is allowed to enter anybody’s room without their permission.
Meals will be included from the day of your stay i.e. breakfast in Manali.
(meals while traveling will not be included). Menu – Fixed by the Stay

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